Books By Helen Schiller Brilliant

Meet my friend Helen. She is such a sweet woman and a brilliant author promoting books against bullying. I just love the message that she shares through her books promoting how we should love and help each other rather than bully and put each other down. You can find them on easily

Both for Kindle and Paperback

A little about Helen Schiller Brilliant…written by Helen…..

You live, you learn then you repeat it……over and over again and I will not grow up, coming from a family of 7 children I learned pretty early about responsibility especially with baby twin sisters, an older sister, and 3 brothers. I have been married for 42 years and have 2 beautiful children and they have blessed us with 4 grandchildren. Life is short so read more and keep learning, loving and never give up on your dreams.

Stumpy the Water Dragon: At the Green Frog Hollow (Seventeen17 Brilliant Books Book 1) Sep 13, 2019by Helen Schiller Brilliant , Kylie “Dinni” Johnston 

Kindle Edition$4.95 Paperback $12.95

Bluey the Fly Is a Bully Feb 23, 2017 by Helen Schiller Brilliant Kindle Edition $11.00

Paperback $16.00 

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