There are many families with the last name Böhme. Our family starts in the City of Berlin, not to be mistaken with any city in the USA, but Berlin Germany. My Dad Dietmar Wolfgang Gerhard Böhme was born to

Erna Martha Hedwig Hohenhaus and Adolf Bernhard Richard Böhme. I do not know the story of how they met but I do know my dad said that the Hohenhaus family also had a Gemuese Laden that sold chocolate boxes and candies and things. I dont know if it was where Erna worked or if it was someone else in her family that had the laden

Richard and Erna had 3 children

Gerda Bohme

Erika Herta Bohme

and my father

Dietmar Wolfgang Gerhard Bohme

The Böhme family I was told were bombed out 4 times during the war. I have two documented and known ( told by family ) recorded addresses where they lived

the Sodener Strasse in Berlin, Germany and the Derrflinger Strasse ( where my dad was born, listed as address in birth certificate )

I know that my Grandfather was a Prokurist but for whom I dont know. I would love to find that out. As I document and sit listening to my father who is now in his late 70s tell the stories of his family, so that I know …. He sits down and stares at me for a moment and says now do you have a pad and paper… I eagerly listening to him say yes of course and show him…

I would love to have a positive confirmation that this is him. But with my research on ancestry.com this is all that I could find.

He says, well Your Grandfather was in World War 1 and told your grandmother, my mother by officials that he died in the war. They handed her paperwork proving it, you see my siblings were born twenty years before I was . Then one day my dad came home walking from the war and showed up at the door, and then I was born. He could not tell me the difference in time because of his age and didnt remember when I told him. There are so many unanswered questions I still have after our conversation but we kept going.

I did find this photo while going through my family photos and things. I dont know if anyone can help me with this ( to find out what he did in World War II as a soldier )

He says …I also know that he was a Prokurist and also worked…owned or worked for a Moebel Transportier Comapany, a company that transported furniture and other things to Peoples Homes and Offices located at the old Berliner HauptBahnhof which was then called The Anhalter Bahnhof , and I am trying to find out the name of the shop so that I can research this!

( The Anhalter Bahnhof is a former railway terminus in Berlin, Germany, approximately 600 m (2,000 ft) southeast of Potsdamer Platz. Once one of Berlin’s most important railway stations, it was severely damaged in World War II, and finally closed for traffic in 1952, when the GDR-owned Deutsche Reichsbahn rerouted all railway traffic between Berlin and places in the GDR avoiding the West Berlin area. The station’s name lives on in the Berlin S-Bahn station of the same name, opened in October 1939 as part of the North-South S-Bahn link )


During this time while working with the Furniture Company, There is a story in the family that he was chosen to personally hand deliver the desk that hitler used ( the one that is in the Hitler Museum ) that my granfather went there.. He met and shook hitlers hand, that hitler thanked him for his great service and that now they must

” geh und holl euch was anständiges zu essen in der Kabine ” to this day my dad tells the story as if it happened yesterday. I was told that my Grandfather was not in the second world war, but that I am not sure of as I have heard that he was and then another second later that he was by other family members. I do know that the people that my grandfather worked for or managed because the trucks of the 10 000 ” Angestehlten ” or workers were used in the war effort.

I dont know how but I would love to find out how and what they used them for and if this is true. But I do know his profession was a real fact and true.



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