Gottlieb Johann Böhme

When Gottlieb Johann Böhme was born on January 17, 1873, in Kienitz, Brandenburg, Germany, his father, Christian, was 16 and his mother, Marie, was 25. He married Auguste Hedwig Marcks on November 4, 1896. They had nine children in 12 years. He died on October 31, 1936, at the age of 63.

Spouse & Children

I don’t know much about my great grandfather but what is published and posted here, through research. I do know he was in a group called the UHLAHNEN from someone who saw the picture below. Id love to find out more information if anyone can tell me!

I was told that he might be in the 2nd Division (German Empire) – Pre-World War I Organization … Many regiments were renamed and assigned to different divisions during the period from 1871 to 1914 … Infanterie-Brigade) 4th Grenadier Regiment “King Frederick the Great” (3rd East Prussian) (Grenadier-Regiment König Friedrich der Große (3. 4) 44th Infantry Regiment “Graf Dönhoff” (7th East Prussian) (Infanterie-Regiment Graf Dönhoff


Johann Gottlieb Böhme

My Great grandfather went by Gottlieb as stated on documents and not by his first name like many in Europe, you see back then it was common ( and still common ) to take one of the THOUSAND MIDDLE NAMES you were given as a child as your main name. Thats why when you look at birth documents and they have a name either in Klammern ( parenthesis ) that is what you should take as true for there given first name when searching for documents.

August Hedwig Marks

Gottlieb mother was a Böhme but she married a Böhm and from I see in some documents his late name may be spelled

( Böhm, Böhme, Boehme, and Boehm ( may also be spelled BOHMER or BOEHMER or Böhmer .. )

Johann Gottlieb Boehme birth


1903 • Kienitz, Brandenburg, Preußen

First page: 1. The Schmied (smith) Christian Heinrich Bernhard Böhm…of evangelic religion, born… in Saalfeld, Sachsen Heiningen, residing in Berlin Warschauer Straße 7, son of the Schneidermeister (master tailor) Johann Georg Heinrich Carl Böhm and his wife Christiane Frederike Henriette nee Franke, both deceased and formerly residing in Saalfeld.

2. The Marie Luise Böhme, without profession, …, of evangelic religion, …, born Kienitz, Kreis Lebus, reisiding in Berlin Warschauer Straße 7, daughter of the labourer Friedrich Böhme and his wife nee Engel, he deceased and formerly residing in Kienitz, she deceased and formerly residing in Berlin, Like · Reply · 8 hrs Ernst Simonsen Ernst Simonsen I read : Bride: worker Friedrich Böhme and Marie Engel, Groom: Schneidermeister Johann Georg Heinrich Carl Böhm and Christiane Frederike Henriette nee Franke. Watch the different names “Böhm” and ” Böhme”