Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt

When Gerda Irmgard Paula Arndt was born on June 27, 1921, in Niederschöneweide, Germany. By her birth certificate that was located in the DDR at her time of birth.



  • Charlotte Elisabeth Margarete Arndt 1907– ( death Uknown so far ) I was told by family that her cleaning lady who comes once a week found her on the floor dead. That she had an injury either to the body or to the head and that she was trying to get to the telephone or the door and could not so she died on the floor trying to get help. Charlotte or Tante Lotti married a Pflugner, but still trying to find out his name. This is fact as they had one daughter Ingrid Pflugner as I was close to Ingrids daughter Petra. Ingrid had two children with a man with the last name of Eberle. Petra Eberle and Guido Eberle.

Spouse & Children

Her father, Otto August Arndt, was 34, and her mother, Elisabeth Adolfine Friederike Henning, was 34. Her Father went by Otto and made furniture and things as a Carpenter. They had two daughters

Gerda Arndt Seidel, Barbel, Ingeborg and Dieter Seidel

Gerda Arndt ( my grandmother )

Charlotte Elisabeth Margarete Arndt

He worked out of his own Garage/Store where he sold his items in Berlin. her mother went by the name Elisabeth and I am still trying to find out what she did by profession.

I know these names came get confusing as we go back in time in German Genealogy. My gradmother married She married Otto Artur Erich Seidel on October 8, 1938, in Berlin, Germany. They had three children, mine Tante, Onkel and my mom!

Dieter Seidel

Ingeborg Seidel ( my mom )

Barbara Seidel

this is a photo ( starting from the left ) with Charlotte Arndt- Pflugner who is the sister of my Grandmother and Tante Hildi or Hildegard Zemmin. Anna Henning was Elizabeth Hennings sister( Elizabeth Henning was married to Otto Arndt Gerda Arndt Parents ) and Hildi was her daughter. Anna Henning married a GALLEE )

She died on April 4, 2000, in Wilmersdorf, Germany, at the age of 78.