Helmut Karl Pflügner

What I know about Helmut is not much. Helmut Karl Pflugner married Charlotte Elisabeth Margarete Arndt in Berlin, Germany. They had one daughter Ingrid Pflugner, married to an Eberle. From the stories going around in the family was that Helmut cheated and so they divorced. Im not sure if he was a ” drinker ” or not… this is the only document I have that I know to be fact as it was from the family through family.

Name:Helmut Pflügner
Street address:Mariend Äneasstr 7
Locality:Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland (Germany)
Title:Amtliches Fernsprechbuch für den Bezirk der Reichspostdirektion Berlin, 1941

Spouse Charlotte Elisabeth Margarete Arndt1907–

child Ingrid Pflugner1939–2012

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