Living in Medford and Medford lakes NJ

I was born in Willingboro, NJ. My dad in the service, working at what was then Mcguire Air Force Base. My mom worked in Philadelphia and my older brother was the ” black sheep of the family so to speak “. Everywhere I went or when I attended school, it was … ” ooooh so your Rogers sister ” like I was already blamed for or known for the last name I carried from my father. I was told that the neighborhood ( Willingboron ) was going down and so my parents chose to move out of the area. I came to Medford in 1983, when I was 5 years old and had so many memories growing up there. I first went to the Motesori School, next to the Commerce Bank ( now TD ), off of Tuckerton Road. I don’t know if its a school anymore but would love to find record there. We used to buy vegetables from the the nice guy on ELM Street who had his own vegetable garden … so fresh and so good…

I then moved from school to school, I dont know what that was all about. They sent me to Taunton Forge and then I was switched to Cranberry Pines and then back to Taunton Forge again… My favorite teachers

Going out for Halloween one year

Ms. Lesho ( Music )

Ms. Scottio ( first grade.. lol I was taller than her in first grade )

Sitting out in the backyard with Jesse Reidenbacker eating Gummy Bears my family from Germany brought me ….

I was apart of the brownies and went to Ballet and Jazz at the little dance Studio near the ” Party Time ” store in Iron Stone Village, you know the development across from what used to be the ” Lucky Seven ” ( where we all went after Track Practice for there large PIG ICE CREAM BOWL… we also went to the chineese restaurant in there. It was the best Chinese food in the area.

My brother and his friends putting my first bike together ….

I went to Medford Middle School after that. Being taught by

Mr Henkel ( Computers )

Mrs. Corallo ( Band ) not the nicest… lol

The Deaf Middle School teacher who used a ruler to correct others .. he was my homeroom teacher … but for the life of me .. can not remember his name ..but see his face clearly!!

We were apart of every parade, festival and ” going ons ” in Medford. My favorite were the

Halloween Parade

the Canoe Carnival

and the Dickens Festival … lol but I always loved Christmas and that warm fuzzy feeling of that time of year…

walking with my grandmother on the corner of OAKWOOD and ELM STREET

We were members of ” Cathedral of the Woods ” and attended every Sunday. I was in the choir, just like my mother and we always attended ” Coffee Hour ” afterwards to meet new members and talk to old friends we had not seen during the week. My favorite Pastor was Dr. Say.

cleaning the muck out of the lake .. lol the leaves and pine needles raking the yard .. I HATED THAT!!