Albert Emil Hohenhaus

I grew up learning things about My Great Grandfather Emil through my father, and my own research on and from family members. Albert Emil Hohenhaus was born on October 3, 1877, the son of Pauline Mittelstadt ( Spelled with an umlaut over the a ) and Ferdinand Hohenhaus. He married Bertha Auguste Pinnow on May 30, 1899 and they had two children during their marriage.

He had

one brother and three sisters.

Auguste Helene Hohenhaus1870–

Franz Hermann Hohenhaus1874–

Martha Pauline Hohenhaus1888–

Emilie Hohenhaus–1945

I was told by my father that he was in World War I, that he was a Tischler or a carpenter and died in World War 1. I know the occupation is true but as for the other information, I have to prove as most of what my father told me was true but from listening to my mother and my aunt ( my moms sister ) they told me

” He like to dramatize the family to make them out to be what they are not .. or to make them better to what they seem. ”

Translation … Berlin, on the thirtieth of may thousand eight hundred ninety and nine. Before the undersigned Registrar appeared today for the purpose of marriage: 1. the Carpenter of Albert Emil Hohenhaus, the personality after recognized by birth certificate, Protestant religion, born the third October of the year thousand eight hundred seventy and seven to Balster, district of Dramburg, Mittelstädt born residing to Berlin, Görlitzerstraße 36, son of Büdners Ferdinand Hohenhaus and his wife Emilie, both residing to Blaster 2. the Bertha Auguste Pinnow, seamstress of personality after recognized by birth certificate, Protestant religion, born in the third October of the year thousand eight hundred and seventy and nine to Callies, district of Dramburg, residing in Berlin Görlitzerstraße 36 daughter of Julius Pinnow workman and his wife – wife Wilhelmine, née Mente, both residing in Berlin

 ( A note from a fellow Genealogist ) I love translations that leave out key details. So you have his parents and hers and their cities of birth as well as religion and occupations. . I find it interesting he’s Evangelical and she’s Protestant. That is rare for that time.

The street address in Berlin might be a great place to kick off your hunt…Gorlitzerstabe 36. I’d look for a church nearby and you can always reach out to the Clerks office there for more info. BTW if you go to the 2nd page of that document…you can also search for the witnesses to the marriage . There are 4 or 5 of them listed.

I dont know if this is my Emil Hohenhaus but did find this in the address book.

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