Berlin Kurfürstendamm

I know my dad was a bus boy for the kempinski hotel .. and also worked fir la pavolan du lac in berlin ( Germany )

So going through my photos I found this … my dads the fist on the left … does anyone know what kind of race this was ?!?

The year 1996

The year was 1996 the year I graduated high school.. I new this girl named Kim Loughner her family was my own .. she and I joined to the hip … we did all those things teenagers did..

sleepovers.. talked until all hours if the morning.. movie nights.. we made friendship bracelets and yes tryed smoking for the first time together .. just came across these photos when we went on vacation together ..

Using the National archives

I love using the National archives for research… it has so much information great for family historians … I put my dads name in the search bar and his petitions and records of naturalization came up today!

It shows where

He lived.. his alien number in the service …what squadron he worked in …address ..

Gedmatch explained

So, I always tell anyone new.. who has taken a DNA test to upload onto GEDMATCH .. just because its another easy way to find out how .. with what generation .. and contact ( email ) we are related… here is a brief video if you have not already looked into it

Researching the National Archives

Genealogy Resources

Using the NARA web site:

Very few records are online, so doing actual research on your ancestors is very limited here. However, this web site can help you prepare for your visit to the National Archives. This includes finding microfilm roll numbers for records you may want to search or order copies of. You can also read articles about the records, and perhaps get ideas for new types of records to investigate.

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Tornado covid 19 2020

What’s a girl do when she’s told by the news to stay in her “ safe zone” my safe zone… the kitchen .. today it’s roasted chicken a red wine … roasted garlic red bell pepper sauce made only by my friends orlando and Trudy .. all by hand and bottled by them!! ( I add 2 cups of merlot to the sauce and boil it down )

Step 1

Debone and chop up a rotisserie chicken….

Step 2

Cut up onions … don’t fry yet…

Step 3

Instead of using butter or oil to brown the onions we are going to dice up a block of double smoked bacon… wich will not only give is enough grease to fry the onions but add a smoked flavor to the sauce we are putting it in … if things start to stick at the bottom of the pan .. add some butter .. not mich just to coat the pan

Now for the sauce …. super simple!!!

Dump sauce to a pot .. with one diced tomato and 2 cups of merlot red wine

Wait … until you’ve dried up your bacon and onion mixture … once that has fried up… add your mixture to the sauce…

As you can see … no butter needed ..

Next… take your chicken and add it to the pot with your sauce and cook down ( to preference )

Galle Family

This is what is known to me at least from research of my own ( looking at other family photos ) apart of my second great aunts family. It was in a small photo album with photos of her children were in … my Tante Hildi ( Hildegard Gallee-Zemmin ) and onkel Walter who I never met

.. he died in the war on the war front from what I’ve heard.

My great aunt ( who went by Anna ) … Anna Georgine Friederike Henning .. married Louis Gallee …