Galle Family

This is what is known to me at least from research of my own ( looking at other family photos ) apart of my second great aunts family. It was in a small photo album with photos of her children were in … my Tante Hildi ( Hildegard Gallee-Zemmin ) and onkel Walter who I never met

.. he died in the war on the war front from what I’ve heard.

My great aunt ( who went by Anna ) … Anna Georgine Friederike Henning .. married Louis Gallee …

Otto August Arndt

Another step closer finding my great grandfather and his path through life .. all photos I post are family photos this was a picture post card found in the back of an old photo album .. so I scanned both sides…

Thank you to a connection in Germany .. I found this on the phone book there …. trying to learn more about the Henning Arndt family

Found in the Adressbuch Berlin 1886