Von Hohenhausen

I was browsing Ancestry and the internet.. I went into my family tree and when I search for a Hohenhaus match .. I came up with this in the search bar… I am posting because my dad who is almost 80 and doesn’t know about the Von Hohenhaus family said that his mother Erna Hohenhaus ( Erna Martha Hedwig Hohenhaus her parents Albert ” EMIL” Hohenhaus and Bertha Auguste Pinnow ) said that there was a VON HOHENHAUS family in our family … and was wondering if someone could help me research this… 🙂 Thanks!

Name:Karl Louis Georg Heinrich Von Hohenhausen
Gender:männlich (Male)
Birth Date:13 Okt 1887 (13 Oct 1887)
Marriage Date:25 Jan 1906
Marriage Place:Wiesbaden, Hessen (Hesse), Deutschland (Germany)
Civil Registration Office:Wiesbaden
Father:Louis Emil von Hohenhausen
Mother:Friederike Leopoldine von Hohenhausen
Spouse:Karoline Sophie Wilhelmine Boldt
Certificate Number:48

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