Audio book

I grew up reading books.. nancy drew was my favorite as a child and that has not changed .. now I read james Patterson and Agatha Christie as well as the classics like “ how to kill a mockingbird “ wich in Germany we never read … but they did here in the states growing up as a child we were taught if your not doing school work or helping others tv was not aloud .. although we loved to watch it


The wonder years

Laverne and Shirley

Happy days

Later on turned to soap operas and Maury povitch lol in our college teen years it was filth like Jerry springer lol it that was because we lived Steve Lollol what girl didn’t I mean the filth on that show lol o thank you ..

I started back into reading .. I love aromatherapy and the “ calmness “ it brings .. so through my Alexa app and when I’m driving sometimes I love to listen to the “ sleep sounds “ when on the couch or an audio book … so I’ve decided to use my one credit with audible audio to get a free book each month and if money allows to purchase one.. being the family historian and finding I hsve more cousins in the USA and other countries not just Germany I’d love to learn more about the traditions the cultures and the places my family is from and meeting them all if I can! I’d love to learn more…. if you have any good suggestions please let me know…

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