Working on me …

For the past year, Ive been working on me.. inside and out .. one of my passions other than the outdoors.. cooking .. traveling and everything else is Genealogy is a link to the information and youtube link of some of what they had from last year

. I just signed up for the National Genealogical Conference next wednesday .. I can never go because I would be at work ..but its all virtual and online :)next Wednesday … 🙂 Im super pshyched!!! NEXT CLASSES … in September …

2 thoughts on “Working on me …

  1. Hi Tanja
    Glad all is going well
    Have you researched our Besudesert MP Scott Bucholz he may fit somewhere in you genealogy 💕


  2. Not yet, I just got back into this all after my divorce last year .. 🙂 can you email me your info .. 🙂 I will be happy to do that! I Love finding out mre and connecting wtih family … 🙂 send me the informaiton you know and lets go from there!!!! 🙂


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