Genealogy Courses

love it .. 🙂 Looking at furthering my Education in Genealogy . into the BU Genealogy program as well as starting out with

German Certificate in Genealogical Studies-40 Courses-Complete
This package includes 40 courses: This package includes all compulsory and elective courses required to complete the Certificate in Genealogical Studies-German Records.
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Courses Included: 26 (listed below) Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 1   (BASIC) Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2   (INTERMEDIATE) Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 3   (ADVANCED) Electronic Resources: Using The Internet   (BASIC) Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines   (ADVANCED) Genetics & Medical Family History   (ADVANCED) German: Chronological Considerations   (INTERMEDIATE) German: Church Records   (BASIC) German: Civil Registration Records   (INTERMEDIATE) German: Compiled Sources   (ADVANCED) German: Emigration Records   (INTERMEDIATE) German: Germans Outside of Germany   (ADVANCED) German: Introduction to German Research   (BASIC) German: Locating Places in Germany   (BASIC) German: Naming Practices   (ADVANCED) German: Reading the Records   (INTERMEDIATE) German: Record Repositories   (INTERMEDIATE) German: The Language   (BASIC) Methodology – Part 1: Getting Started   (BASIC) Methodology – Part 2: Organizing and Skill-Building   (BASIC) Methodology – Part 3: More Strategies   (INTERMEDIATE) Methodology – Part 4: Effective Searching and Recording   (INTERMEDIATE) Methodology – Part 5: How To Prove It   (INTERMEDIATE) Methodology – Part 6: Professional Preparation and Practice   (ADVANCED) Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents   (ADVANCED) Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting   (BASIC)
Elective Courses: 14 included (your choice)Fees: USD $2,850.00      Supplies:Printed Course Binder-Certificate Program 40 Courses: German Records (OPTIONAL)

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