In Loving Memory .. Jim and Frieda Green

My mother and Father both boarded these great ships. My dad in 1961 on the SS AMERIKA and my mom in 1966 on the SS UNITED STATES .. Im a HUUUUUUUUUUGE advocate for sharing the memories of our immigrants, there stories on how they came to the USA on these two great vessels .. as Ive told you .. I too had family that came from them. I am trying to document each story .. and see if I and find family members from those who also sailed on these ships… children.. grandchildren .. and those who had family who might have worked on these great ships!! .. Anyone want to help!! 🙂 Lets do this!!!

i just got this via email today through the Association ….

We were heartbroken to learn of the recent passing of longtime Conservancy supporter, Jim Green. Jim served as a purser on the SS United States and was onboard for the ship’s record-breaking maiden voyage. Jim’ courtship with his wife Frieda is one of the Big Ship’s big love stories. On a 1957 voyage, young Frieda Kerstgens was a passenger aboard the ship and, in the words of Conservancy board member Mark Perry, “she and Jim had a ‘meet cute’ right out of a classic Hollywood film,” which was featured in our 2008 documentary film, SS United States: Lady in Waiting. To view this romantic clip from the film, click HERE
Jim’s spirit and positive energy will continue to energize and inspire our efforts on behalf of the SS United States, the ship he loved so much. We are deeply honored that the Green family suggested contributions to the Conservancy in lieu of memorial flowers. Our hearts go out to Jim and Frieda’s children: John, Heidi, Christopher, and their families. As Mark Perry so poignantly expressed, “I like to think dear Frieda, who left us in 2016, has been saving her beloved husband a deck chair.”

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