Barnegat light house 1

So cassie and I decided that we want to see all the lighthouses of NJ .. Today we started with Barnegat … the walk down the lighthouse fishing pier and lookout was a perfect spot. We got to meet slot of great people and fishermen and woman…and even got to share some fishing stories.

The lighthouse was closed unfortunately ( remodeling not covid ) but we will be back next year when it’s open again.. hopefully …

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. The area where the lighthouse stands was regarded as one of the most important navigational points for ships bound to and from New York Harbor. The ships were dependent upon the Barnegat Lighthouse to avoid the shoals extending from the shoreline. The fast currents, shifting sandbars, and offshore shoals challenged sailors. The park is included as a maritime site on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.

A day down in barnegat

This gentleman told us how he fishes here often and saw two idiots .. literally go fishing on a mossy wet rock

Like this one here and we’ll like dumbasses ended up in the water .. he had to help him by tossing his rod over the rail for him to hold onto.. the guys said thank you didn’t learn there lesson and decided to keep fishing.

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