Roast coffee in Medford NJ..

So.. I’ve been going to Starbucks .. wawa and Dunkin’ Donuts in Medford NJ .. Cassie and I came here last week and she got a coffee.. this place used to be a TCBY like I stated in my old post..

So today cassie decided to treat me.. and we’ll I have to say this is my new spot … the coffee is just like you would get in Italy .. the flavor .. the quality is superb … they have coffee served in bags and local honey and things sold here as well…

If you want something light they also have smoothies .. salads.. muffins and little things like that .. all fresh fresh fresh !!!

Customer service is amazing… people here are friendly and just like most small towns like ours … friendly “ neighborly “ people just relaxing on a Saturday with friendly conversation ..

Cassie got the mocha iced coffee and I got the dead eye.. ( Splenda .. skim milk ) Wich jeans THREE whole shots of espresso … yummy

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