My cousin Jasmine maimone

So I’m here on a spiritual journey … detoxing from others.. cleansing my body .. meditating … working on me … making my home a sanctuary of love .. peace and just being …

Going through things tossing them out I found this … I am first generation American … my parents from war torn Berlin Germany growing up through the Berlin blockade .. airlift … hitler snd the such… they came to this county first my dad on the Ss amerika in 1961 and then mom ( pregnant with my brother ) on the Ss United States ( now docked in Philly ) … he was born in 66 and I was born in 77… my cousin trevor and my cousin Jasmine were there the year I was born as exchange students … my cousin going through her own family stress and battles … well until recently ( I’ve found her to be very toxic in the sense of materialistic.. superficial .. you have to dress and act a certain way for people to notice you .. for men to love you know .. fake fake fake … so we stopped talking as I do not want that as a part of my own life and light … I came across this …. A photo of my brother .. she drew.. in 1977 the year I was born … now my brother and I had a great relationship until I was about 12 … then he got very jelous.. very mean.. saud snd did things to me a brither shoukd not… going through my own verbal abuse from him and physical.. mental and emotional from my parents while he kind of shielded me from … until I was about 5 when he left and moved out… he was later diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic never took medication or therapy after attending and signing himself out of the NAMI program …. Could this be a sign that he’s here around me??

Drawn by my cousin Jasmine maimone

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