DNA match!

Ingeborg, a relative has sent you a message
“Hello! I am so sorry as I have not been on here in so long and am just now starting to get into building my family tree in ancestry, although I have a pretty good start so far! I am 44 yrs. old -my maiden name is Schlecht. Both of my parents were born in the US although the heritage goes back to Germany on both sides. I noticed on the genetic relationship it shows we are related by 3rd great grandparents….That is exactly where I am in my family tree as I don’t have as much information so deciphering it is tricky! Do you have the names of the grandparents in your tree? I’m assuming its from my fathers side (Schlecht) – my father is Robert Eugene Schlecht, born in 1941 although there are several Robert E. Schlecht’s even within the family – very confusing! Do you have any other names of grandparents as well? Look forward to working with you! Lisa (Schlecht) Moliterno”

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