Andrey Signatovich Male

Andrey Signatovich

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I just got a message from a fifth cousin match to my mom Ingeborg Seidel. I am super excited.

Hi Tanja, Most of my family are from Western Ukraine and Poland. However after receiving your message I do see some 4th and 5th cousins from Germany. I only know of the following family records from my mom’s side..

And most likely the family line is connected through my great grandfather, and maybe through my great grandmother. The story of Great grandfather is little interesting, and I only know the latter part of it. He was born in 1910. He was married and had a child around 1934. Right before WW2, he went to Germany for work and ended up in the concentration camp.

After the war there was a program to sponsor Ukrainians in German concentration camps to go to US. So he went to US around 1949.

Us records indicate: Wasyl Trembacz – arrived 1949 from Bremerhaven Germany to New York. Born in 1910 visiting 3036 Linder Ave, Chicago Illionis He eventually had my great grandmother to come to US where they lived until sometime in 1970.

In Chicago he worked in a German factory where he lost two of his fingers in an accident. After that he was on medication which caused early onset of dementia and paranoia. As a result he had car accident, after which my great grand parents decided to go back to Ukraine (Soviet Union). So I suspect that the reason he went to work to Germany was because he had some relatives there, but nobody knows at this point. I ended up in US through my father’s side. I hope this helps. Thanks, Andrey

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