Researching Hohenhaus

Im hoping that I found someone related to me! I found a new match on Family Search and hoping we are related. Frederick Ernest Hohenhaus born in Germany. There are so many things unanswered to this family!

Fred W. Hohenhaus
Event Type: Marriage 
Event Date: 11 Aug 1930 
Event Place: Plentywood, Sheridan, Montana 
Age: 33 
Birth Year (Estimated): 1897 
Father’s Name: Fred E. Hohenhaus  • Edit
Mother’s Name: Dorothy Koehn • Edit
Spouse’s Name: Cora Van Dam
Spouse’s Age: 21 
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated): 1909 
Spouse’s Father’s Name: Joe Van Dam
Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Jeanette Achtenberg

Fred E. Hohenhaus
Wife:Dorothy Koehn
Son:Fred W. Hohenhaus
Fred E. Hohenhaus
mentioned in the record of Fred W. Hohenhaus and Cora Van Dam 

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